The State of BlueSystems


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First thing is first,

@Dr Teath, Thank you for giving us this pack to host and for our players to play,

As of today, BlueSystems is shut down for now, we are currently working on a project that involves moving the servers, and due to a low player count we have needed to shutdown BlueSystems for the duration of the move, we will happily look in to hosting it again when DrTeath finishes all his updates but this will involve us removing the world as many things will have changed by then.

- Lolnet Staff


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I totally missed this post.

Thank you for hosting my pack and thanks to the players for giving it a go.
I learnt a lot from releasing Blue Systems and having it hosted here.

The pack is undergoing a large rework at the moment, aimed both at improving stability and game play. 2.0 is the goal here.
As of right now, 14 mods have been removed and 54 have been added. These numbers are changing every time I work on the pack. With all of the changes being made, the old game world would not be able to be bough forward in to the new version.

I have thought a lot about difficulty and grind.
I have sketched out a rough progression system; blame sevtech.
I am reworking the low tech stage of the game.
I am planning on releasing the new version with a set of 'better questing' quests to explain the basics, and provide some later game goals.

I am working hard to make the pack both content rich and trying to keep it unique.

I will be sure to post when the pack is closer to completed.