[Read First] Lolnet Launcher Information + FAQ


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This post is for everyone with any questions and issues to help them before and during their post.

You now need java 8! The launcher will no longer work if you have java 7!

Important links:

Latest Download

Latest Build
windows, mac, and linux
windows only

System Requirements

for Vanila please see : help.mojang.com/.../minecraft-system-requirements

for most mod packs you will need at least 2GB (2048mb) for ram. in some cases 4GB are needed. Please see below on how to change your memory limit.

It is recommended to use Java 64 bit whenever possible.

Java 7 has been tested across all modpacks, Java 8 should work for all modpacks.

How to report a bug/issue

Please try and update to the latest version of Lolnet Launcher before posting. It is possible I have already fixed it

Please report each bug on a new topic.

You can either report the bug on the fourm or on github (here or here)

Please follow the following format.

Type: [defect , Enhancement, other]

for Defect do the following format

What steps will reproduce the problem? (use screenshots if easier)

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

What is your OS? (windows 7 64 bit, linux ubuntu 14.10 32 bit, mac os x 10.7 64 bit, etc)

What version of java are you running?

What modPack are you running / trying to run?

What version of LolnetLauncher are you using? (see top window, e.g. Lolnet Launcher (v0.9.12-SNAPSHOT)

Do you have an error log of what happened? (please use pastebin and make sure it doesn't expire for 1 month or never)

Please provide any additional information below.

for Enhancement do the following format

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
Please provide any additional information below.

For anything else feel free to be informal as you like.

The more I know the better. If I can't reproduce/understand the problem then Its hard for me to fix it


Please note I will be constantly updating this as new questions and issues come.

How do I change my memory

go to "options..." and change the min/max memory and press ok


more to come