New Server - Dungeons, Dragons and SpaceShuttles


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Dungeons, Dragons and SpaceShuttles - v4.6 is now open to donators of Defender level and above.

A few notes on this server:
  1. Donator perks are off
  2. Server is set to hard mode
  3. RTP is on a 24hr cooldown
  4. /spawn is on a 1hr cooldown
  5. Using /home will use hunger, and will also use food in your inventory to do so. You wont tp if you don't have enough food.
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Some small bits of advice....
-There are 1350 quests in the questbook. They give little rewards and walk you through progression.
-It's all different. Look up a recipe before saying "this is broke!".
-You will get a lot of animals spawning around you. They ask for food and water. They are also tasty and will keep spawning. Keep your animal count down and feed well.
-Mobs are much tougher than you are used to, with armor, more health, and better tactics. Special abilities, faster.
-Blood moon happens.
-Get used to using a lot of stone tools, chopping a lot of trees, and a lot of gardening.

-This is NOT a fast pack. It's more like sevtech or a skyblock. With dragons.

-Exploration is worth the risks and time. Neat things to find underground, above ground, in the ocean, on the sea bottom, and in the air. Because exploration can yield good things, /rtp is limited to once every 24 hours.