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Hey there Lolnetians!

A shiny new rank has arrived at Lolnet... the Content Creator rank! We decided to create this rank so we can acknowledge all the time and energy content creators put into their work, and to show our gratitude towards them. The rank is something we have always wanted to do, but because of the difficulty we haven’t been able to implement it until now.

The current benefits of the rank are a swanky title to your name, but other benefits will be given as needed to enable you to best deliver content.

For people joining our team, we are looking for people who can deliver content, such as artwork, maps, builds, videos, and the like. On our content creator team, we currently have FaMatrix and Dr_Teath. FaMatrix creates images for our promos, competitions, and events, which get shared on all of Lolnet’s social media. Dr_Teath has been hard at work creating the Blue Systems modpack which we host, and he’s got a new idea for a modpack ticking over for the future. If you think you have what we’re looking for, please make an application on the forums!
The guide for making an application can be found here.

We look forward to reading your applications, and hope to work together in the future!
All the best from the Lolnet team
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