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Hi guys, I would like to make a capture the event. I would like it to be in the event sever.
I'm planning on the size and the construction of the event. My plan is on my creative plots server. To me it looks okay. Is it also okay if i build it in the events server? I really hope everyone will enjoy, and have fun with my event. I'm not gonna be sure when is it gonna be hosted on.

Event: Capture The Flag.

Two teams of 6+ will be attacking and defending their flag in the team castle. There will be different roles, like, Attacker, Defender, Archer, Barbarian and Builders. The maximum of players is any. I you die you have a 4 second re-spawn, The match will be over when one team captures the flag 3 times. There will also be spectating, only if you just joined the event. There will be 2 or 3 rounds, of the match it depends of the time. I'll also think about the prizes for the winning team and the losing team.

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Thank you for your interest, when it comes to hosting events, we really look for players that have been with the server for a long period of time. This is nothing against you but in the interest of protecting the server. Perhaps we can revisit this once you have been with us for a longer period.

Thanks, Elite.
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