Horse Racing Event


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Donation Drive 2018
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How exciting is this.... The race of thorough-bred champions brought to you by xPiggy_NZx on her very first event with the help from our brilliant UA's. Join Speedy, Zippy, Dash, Zoom and Jonathon on a trek through the amazing course made by xPiggy_NZx, Steelwool199, Cherry2003, xXTommy_GunzXx, Derpish1, Tegal_NZ and eliteaccendo.

Starting on Sunday 24th at 2pm, we'll be holding several races, why not join us and see how quick you can complete the course to win the race of your life and win some prizes.



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Hey, Sorry guys i will have to postpone the event to Sunday 2pm NZT. I have to postpone because im not here tomorrow at 2pm.
thanks: _Piggy