FaceIt Competition - Free Skins

Hey All,

We are making a CS:GO team to participate in FaceIt Competition for CS:GO. This will not be in competitive, but instead of community servers that are in competitive settings. If our team wins, we can get points, which can be used to redeem free skins or other items from their shop. To enter our team you must be higher than Nova 1, with atleast 25 hours on records.

More information: https://www.faceit.com/

Please comment below with your rank, hours played, and the position you would like to be considered as.


P.S Practice & Teaching Servers Hosted Via Xwing.
Reserved For Final Team Selection

Current Player Pool:
TheChosenOne - 351 Hours - Nova Master
Xwing669 - 1267 Hours - Master Guardian II
James137137 - 683 Hours - Nova 1