Dungeons and Dragons and Space Shuttles prep

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There are some permissions to adjust, and some overlap of commands that are intrinsic to the modpack.

/shop This is an ingame shop for the modpack. You can find copper, silver etc coins from chests or quests, and buy things using them. So possibly change our command from /shop to /shoplolnet for the lolcoin shop.

There is an intrinsic command for making a home and teleporting to it. Blocked now and of course the /sethome and /back commands overlap the normal ones. /create home can also be used, but not permitted yet. I like the intrinsic commands as they use up hunger, so a small cost, especially early game.

Recipe problems:
-Can't make a copper plate. Confirmed that it works in single player, but not multiplayer
-Can't make an apple sapling by combining apple and sapling. Have not confirmed in single.

The apple sapling blocks further quests, the copper plate blocks all progression as needed for the advanced crafting table.


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The Lolnet shop can be accessed through /lolshop as well as through /shop
Minecraft Username
Next fun issue: Clay bucket can't make fresh water, although less of an issue if the copper plate is fixed as I think that gives a bucket as a reward.