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  1. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    then why do you have a forum account linked to it?
  2. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    why would you have a forum account that is linked to a minecraft account that is not yours?
  3. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    but you are saying you bypassed your ban extensively with this account and now you want us to unban that account as you cant use this one anymore?
  4. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    then use the account linked to it....... which is not banned
  5. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    is this also your forum account ?
  6. dezil_nz

    OrganicCookies appeal

    you need to make this appeal with your own account
  7. dezil_nz

    Another Very Important Announcement

    I never wanted to see it end and I'm very glad that the team have pulled together to do something about it, i know i will be leaving the community in great hands and wish them all the best moving forward Cheers Dez
  8. dezil_nz

    Important Community Announcement

    hey guys Thanks for all the well wishes and gratitude please refer back to the original post for an update on the best way to get your builds from the servers Cheers Dez
  9. dezil_nz

    Important Community Announcement

    Lets not muck, around this announcement is to let you guys know that Lolnet is coming to an end. It is not easy to write these words as this has been my home for over 7 years, starting out as just a mere mortal user but quickly working my way up into the ranks of the staff, and then investing...
  10. dezil_nz

    Lolshop Item: Constelation P

    how many constellation papers would one need to complete everything?
  11. dezil_nz

    Application for User Assistant - Gr4p3Z

    things for you to consider you have 4 hours play time in the last year you have not linked your ingame and forum account you are not using our discord (while this is not a requirement interacting with current staff lets them get a feel for you as a person) Cheers Dez
  12. dezil_nz

    Server World Reset

    define their please as we host like 15 mod packs and there is no way you have completed them all on lolnet
  13. dezil_nz

    Sky Factory 3 Lifespan

    At this stage there is no plan to remove or reset the SF3 server
  14. dezil_nz

    April vote competition (involves awesome hats!)

    Congratulations to @vax11780 and @D3ATHWOLF please get in touch with me via PM so i can send these out
  15. dezil_nz

    ATM3 Random FPS drops

    got any mob farms or anything that xp is not being collected from?
  16. dezil_nz

    Griefed on ATM3 Server

    Thanks for the report, I believe @xElementzx resolved this for you last night if not please feel free to get in touch with an admin in game on discord or via the forum Cheers Dez
  17. dezil_nz

    AOE Shut Down

    we will be shutting down Age of engineering today to make room for new packs
  18. dezil_nz

    SevTech and Version 3.1.1

    the big issue with this pack is that it was end of life then the pack dev is like haza UPDATE! and having tried to update the server it just caused issues if we wipe the world it will be a fresh start
  19. dezil_nz

    New modpack: 'Roguelike adventures and dungeons'

    before anyone gets to excited if the person suggesting the pack cant even bother to put a link up then they clearly are not that keen