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    I won't be present until July 14 or when ever I can get on :( but till then Ill be on the forums.(And to all EvolutionX be good :P )
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    At long last Minecraft has updated! To 1.6! Where now Horses,Donkeys,Mules,Carpets,Harden Clay and much more has been added! :D :D :D :D :D :D Once Lolnet updates I bet a whole lot of people would be riding round with Horses :D This update will be great for Lolnet as where in Pluto exploring...
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    Well looks like I'm back to Dial Up till June 14th (or earlier if possible) . So mean while I can't go on! :( Unless I use my friends computer etc :P , Anyways.. so yeah I won't be on but I will (as I do when I'm back to dial up) be active on the Forums.
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    Your fav song?

    Got any song you like? post it here! This isn't my fav song but I do like it: IKIe8AokW8E
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    Since the Holidays are over its back to College for me :cry: :| meaning, I won't always be online but I will try to be on if possible. :) -TaxMan0_0
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    Does anyone use Shaders mod? Or is it me that does? :| Heres some screenshots of what it adds to minecraft<--CLICK<--CLICK
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    I hear people talking about 1.6 at some points in lolnet, especially about horses :D when do you guys think it will be released? and whats in it?
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    How to make a Automated Lighting System!

    N0SAtXo_Avc Hope you like it. Video by me :P
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    Can't vote

    I voted for lolnet on everysite it said to vote on but theres one i can't vote because I'm not premium... what do I do?
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    It has come to my attention and many other users as-well obviously that there have been tonnes of LAG will it be fixed soon? because I'm certainly not enjoying it and I am %100 certain that everyone is not enjoying it, there have been occasional Lag and crashes Its becoming a common thing now, a...
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    Lolnet's Statues

    Statues Of Lolnet! cptwin's statue,ouvNUxi,jcmEU4k,VSjnhNf,Y59fFDd Schnicks_NZ, 0zlw and James137137,ouvNUxi,jcmEU4k,VSjnhNf,Y59fFDd#2 Shiby_NZ,ouvNUxi,jcmEU4k,VSjnhNf,Y59fFDd#1 TaxMan0_0...
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    Who uses Mccapes? :D

    Who uses Mccapes mod? :D Its a mod that gives you a cape! (It does not give an advantage over a user of any kind, just gives you a cape.) :D Here's my Cape "T" for TaxMan0_0 8-) :P :D If you use this Cape Mod others who use this cape mod can...
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    0zlw day

    05 March 2013 0zlw posted a farewell thread to Lolnet as he has moved on from his Administrator duties, maybe we can all remember this as "0zlw day" ? in memory of 0zlw? just my thoughts :P
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    Repeating and saying "B!CHES B TRIPPING" etc and Spamming the filter. Evidence: Screenshots,wSIdQHz,wSIdQHz#1
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    Here's a little something.

    I was bored and with nothing much to do I made this
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    What is up with [Assistant]?

    When I go out of WarWorld my user title says [Assistant],But when I'm in WarWorld it says [ModAssistant]. Why?
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    The Hero Returns :P

    Hey guys, I'm back! I've been away for a few days but I'm back! Anything new? BuyMore Open yet? :D
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    Theres a lolnet Wiki!

    Lolnet has a Wiki PAge thing! :P Wanna read about lolnet etc :P just go here Theres also a Staff list on it.
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    All Mod Assistants read this!

    All Mod Assistants who have not read this please read :
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    Golden City.

    Hey there, I heard about a City Called "Golden City" in Lolnet, I've been there :P and I was wondering when will it be opened? :P