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  1. xElementzx

    What pack are we continuing to host

    The title says it all, strawpoll is broken...
  2. xElementzx

    Another Very Important Announcement

    Endings lead to new beginnings The announcement that Lolnet was shutting down came as a shock to all of us, but the Lolnet staff have come to a decision that we don’t want it all to be over. So we, the staff, are stepping forward to host our own server, Creation Reborn, using the worlds from...
  3. xElementzx

    SkyFactory 4 Released!

    SkyFactory 4 RELEASED! Available for defender+ Version: 4.0.1 IP:
  4. xElementzx

    SevTech and Version 3.1.1

    We are looking to update SevTech to version 3.1.1, however doing this will require us to reset the world, i guess the question is.. do you guys want that to happen or do you not care about 3.1.1
  5. xElementzx


    BlueSystems 2 has been removed due to a lack of players
  6. xElementzx

    NotTheBees server removal

    NotTheBees has been removed, the server was not getting played as much as we would have liked to keep it online.
  7. xElementzx

    I Want You! - Ideas for what you want

    Hey Guys, 2019 is upon us, and we have to ask a question or two. What do you want from us? Is there anything you would like to change on Lolnet, or anything you would like to see? Like for example offline chunk loaders in the shop, or more claims? Something along those lines; some small QOL...
  8. xElementzx

    Exoria - Removed

    Hi Guys Just a courtesy call, exoria is no longer with us, low player counts killed it RIP.
  9. xElementzx

    FTB SkyAdventures

    FTB SkyAdventures has been opened to everyone! Version: 1.2.1 IP: Downloadable from the Lolnet Launcher!
  10. xElementzx

    Suggesting Additions to the Lolshop! TEMPLATE INSIDE

    Title: Lolshop Item: <name> Post Contents: Item: <exact item name> Item ID: <EG orange wool is minecraft:wool:1 turn on advanced tooltips with F3+H> Cost: <how much you want it to cost?> Stack Size: <how much does it stack to?> Reasoning: <why do you want it?> Server: <if your server has a cut...
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    The current state of 1.10 on Lolnet

    Dear Valued Players, The staff of Lolnet have decided that 1.10.2 will no longer be supported by our staff. Servers crashing will be fixed, Anything else will not you place something at your base that causes your client to crash? too bad. you walk near a base that has something placed that...
  12. xElementzx

    NotTheBees 2.0 Update - PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PLAYED

    Right, so the NotTheBees 2.0 update was released not too long ago. basically the deal is we aren't going to update 1.3.1 to 2.0, Why you may ask? Well basically its because 2.0 changed too much, its essentially NotTheBees 2, not an update but a whole new pack. So i ask you players, Do you...
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    Congratulations Aussie Turtle!

    You won a SWEET Lolnet Hat!
  14. xElementzx

    User Assistant Application Details

    Link to the Wiki Page: UA Application Format
  15. xElementzx

    FTB Continuum Opened for Donors

    OPENED FOR DONATORS! EDIT: OPENED FOR EVERONE! FTB Continuum is an expert style modpack packed with some of the latest tech mods by Feed the Beast! Majority of the recipes and intended progression that you are used to has been changed. Continuum introduces new, never before used mods to make...
  16. xElementzx

    Server Closures: Ozone, Revelation & DW20

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, We are working on a project that involves moving the servers, this requires us to consolidate our current servers on to one physical server, due to a low population Ozone, Revelation and Direwolf20 have been shutdown, we would consider running these servers again once...
  17. xElementzx

    The State of BlueSystems

    First thing is first, @Dr Teath, Thank you for giving us this pack to host and for our players to play, As of today, BlueSystems is shut down for now, we are currently working on a project that involves moving the servers, and due to a low player count we have needed to shutdown BlueSystems...
  18. xElementzx

    Server Closure: FTB Horizons

    Hey Guys, We have decided to close FTB Horizons as one of our servers due to a lack of players, over the last 2 weeks we have only had maybe one player online and due to the low numbers have decided to close this pack. - Lolnet Staff Team
  19. xElementzx

    SevTech: Ages Opened for All!

    Hey Guys, as you would have seen in the previous announcement we were working on SevTech: Ages! Well, we're happy to say that we have opened it for everyone to play! Note: Please ensure you direct connect to the server with Version of 22/04/18 9AM NZT: 3.0.6
  20. xElementzx

    SevTech Ages for Donators Only!

    Hi Guys Donators only, we now have SevTech Ages! We are currently working on lots of things, the world may reset, and you have a week on the server alone! Caution, THE WORLD MAY RESET! Version: 3.0.6 (As of 13/04/18) IP: Just remember that the world is also pre-genning so...