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    Glitch in buymore

    Not selling lapis is intended :). We need at least 1 block you cant sell, to give it some value. Lapis was the obvious choice.
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    1.7 world

    Yes, the 1.6 Map will not be removed, however if you want your stuff moved to the 1.7 map, then put it in chests so we can move it when the time comes. And yes you will keep your balance and claim block quota
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    what a waste of time

    there are 3 strongholds generated in each world. Each can be 600 to 1000 blocks away from spawn. So you went a bit far :P
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    A New Lolnet wallpaper made with the help of novaskin

    dude awesome. ill resize it to fit the banner
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    Horse Armor at Buymore

    We are not currently selling horse accesories at the buymore. You can go on an adventure to find your horsey some bling :)
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    For all u veteran lolnet hg fans

    HG will be making its return. I cant set a date as of yet as I am still working on the maps. As I am with other builds. I cant say any more at this point in time
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    Minecraft 1.6

    Make sure to read the updated rules for 1.6 guys. No excuses for breaking them
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    Defacto Ban of the Beacon (for good reason)

    thats thechosenones house... he is a mod
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    Update to 1.6.1?

    We have said many times we will be updating when the server plugins update.. We cannot give a date..
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    Rules that will be implemented in 1.6 Rule 1: No spawning in horses. Note to Admins and Mods are allowed 1 horse each, or keep track of all your horses (1-8 is acceptable). Players must find horses by their own means. There is plenty of yet-to-be-generated terrain. This means no selling to...
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    Defacto Ban of the Beacon (for good reason)

    Re: BAN ON BEACONS beacons lag the server.. hence why they are only located at spawn...
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    Spoiler: Lolnet Behind the scenes!

    So Ive been under cover for a couple months spying on cptwin.. but I managed to infiltrate his secret server, and managed to get a snapshot before he discovered me. This is what I saw..
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    PS4 vs Xbox One?

    I wuv u zero punctuation :D
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    Youtube Banner Competition May look black and blank but you are only gonna see that if you are watching on a tv.. pc and mobile devices the parametres are good Example of my channel with it Just an idea btw ^ threw it together in 5 minutes
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    Idea: Fireworks Night

    more like 10 minutes :P QhqanWL37Ac
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    Items Getting 'stolen'

    As of this post we will no longer be refunding stolen items. You have the ability to claim an area. no matter how small, which can at least hold your most valuable possessions.. PUT YOUR DIAMONDS IN HERE.. please. Dont trust anyone you dont know to your area.. They take stuff.. your fault This...
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    yeah... new plugin. cool huh. dont freak :P
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    Damage indicator mod

    sure, you can use it.. but it is client side. so you install it yourself