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  1. dezil_nz

    Important Community Announcement

    Lets not muck, around this announcement is to let you guys know that Lolnet is coming to an end. It is not easy to write these words as this has been my home for over 7 years, starting out as just a mere mortal user but quickly working my way up into the ranks of the staff, and then investing...
  2. dezil_nz

    AOE Shut Down

    we will be shutting down Age of engineering today to make room for new packs
  3. dezil_nz

    Server removal Fool Craft

    due to low player count this server is being removed Cheers Dez
  4. dezil_nz

    Server updates

    BlueSystems:2.5.3 StoneBlock2:1.6.0 Enigmatica2 Expert:1.55
  5. dezil_nz


    Stoneblock has been updated to 1.0.33 Stoneblock 2 has been updated to 1.1.1 (this server is now public) Continuum has been updated to 1.6.0 Enigmatica 2 expert has been updated to 1.51 (space is now working) Sky Adventures has been updated to 1.4.0 (there has been an issue with quests reset on...
  6. dezil_nz

    Server removal

    HI Guys We have as of now removed both Beyond and MS3 from our servers this is to make way for new packs Cheers Dez
  7. dezil_nz

    Donation Drive 2018

    Hi Guys Well who would have thought that another year could come round so FAST! In fact if anything, this post is a bit late due to part of my body trying to kill me and me spending the last 15 or so days in hospital... Any way enough about me, lets get into it! DONATION DRIVE 2018, its that...
  8. dezil_nz

    Shut down of several servers

    Hi guys hope every one is well, just a quick post to let you know that over the course of this week we will be shutting down survival 1.11, infinity evolved Sky block, and infinity evolved normal these servers have all had replacements in the form of a new 1.12 survival world as well as beyond...
  9. dezil_nz

    Survival 1.12.1

    A new survival world is up on 1.12.1 you can connect via the compass The old world will be retired some time in the next few weeks Cheers Dez
  10. dezil_nz

    Hardware Update

    Hi Guys We have moved a big chunk of the network onto the new hardware :D YAY! currently this has broken somethings this will get fixed over the rest of the week as we get time to get to them, a list will be kept here of things that are not working if you find any other issues please let me...
  11. dezil_nz


    Hey Guys we have had a few people asking about 1.12 and when are we going to update, besides waiting for software (now ready thanks to @LX_Gaming )to be able to handle players from 1.7-1.12 we have also decided to not make the change until we get the new hardware operational we are still...
  12. dezil_nz

    GP UPDATE 1.10.2 Sponge (modded) servers

    Hey guys we have started the roll out for the major GP update, there are a few things that change with this update the most notable is that claims will now be measured in 3d rather than the old 2d, all this means is that the amount of claim blocks you have will be huge now, claiming stays the...
  13. dezil_nz

    Donation Drive 2017

    Hi Guys Well its that time of year again, believe it or not it has been nearly a year since we ran a very successful donation drive for 2016 and this year we have been working on some great new rewards for reaching goals and also extra things for individuals who help fund our next year. This...
  14. dezil_nz

    Donation DB transfer

    Hi Guys Over the next few days I will be doing a transfer of the donation DB into the new system, this will keep it inline with the new forum, unfortunately this may result in some of you losing your ranks if this happens please reply to this thread or PM me with the details of your transaction...
  15. dezil_nz

    Finalization of Donation Drive

    Hey guys Firstly sorry this has taken us so long to complete have run into a few issues along the way but happy to say it is all done the final things on the list where the auto dim resets for worlds on the modded servers this will commence on the 1st of February the list can be found here...
  16. dezil_nz

    SkyFactory Dupe bugs

    so it seems SkyFactory is full of dupe issues and this is your chance to see what we do about it
  17. dezil_nz

    Some New Things

    Hey Guys hope everyone had a great holiday break got a few new features to make name changes easer firstly lolcoins are now stored with a UUID so if you change your name you will have your balance avalible :) and secondly if you change your name this can now be easily updated on the forum in...
  18. dezil_nz

    Server status UPDATE

    Hey Guys overnight we had what looks to be a an SSD failure on one of our machines we are currently working on bringing up some services on the other machine and we are also working on having the failed drive replaced, all our data is backed up so we will just need to restore it once we can...