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  1. PhoReaper

    Important Community Announcement

    Thankyou so much to CptWin, James, 0zlw, Dez, LX and everyone who has contributed to Lolnet as staff or as a player. It's the people who've made this community what it is. I have lots of fond memories of Lolnet, both the people I've had the pleasure of hanging out with, and all the Minecraft...
  2. PhoReaper

    AOE Shut Down

    Fare thee well, AoE, you entertained me well :)
  3. PhoReaper

    SevTech and Version 3.1.1

    If I went back on SevTech I'd want these fixes :D
  4. PhoReaper

    SevTech and Version 3.1.1

    What are the major bugs that would be fixed? Posting that information here might help people make their decision.
  5. PhoReaper

    New Kitchen Sink pack - Firmum Libra

    RLD worked in Foolcraft o.o
  6. PhoReaper

    New Kitchen Sink pack - Firmum Libra

    Maybe and could make a lovely dimension full of dungeons :3
  7. PhoReaper

    Lolshop Item: Scroll of Written Expertise

    The Scroll of Written Expertise has a player's research progress in it. Why are you currently unable to discover constellations?
  8. PhoReaper

    Primordial pearl (thaumcraft 6)

    Solve enough puzzles yourself and you don't need guides anymore :p I'll just throw in my two cents about adding things to the shop - if players want to buy something, and it doesn't break the server, selling it sounds good to me.
  9. PhoReaper

    Stepping down and working in background. -FaMatrix

    It's great having you around, and I'm glad your adminship has had a happy ending :) Infinity spawn was awesome :3
  10. PhoReaper

    First post o' 2019. Launcher error.

    1. How much RAM do you have? 2. Have you installed 64-bit java?
  11. PhoReaper

    Custom Pack - Blue Systems

    I discovered the Mega Loot mod on Foolcraft which adds cool loot.
  12. PhoReaper

    NotTheBees 2.0 Update - PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PLAYED

    Faster at night, and you gotta get past early game AS to make collector crystals. Anyway, we've had rules against controlling weather and time of day on the servers for years.
  13. PhoReaper

    NotTheBees 2.0 Update - PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PLAYED

    When a player is afk, they count as asleep for Morpheus. So if a player is afk liquid starlight farming (Yes, you can be afk, just don't evade the auto-kick), then the other players sleeping will stop their progress. How about finding bees with the Nocturnal trait?
  14. PhoReaper

    Failing to launch all the mods 3

    I haven't used the Lolnet launcher in ages, maybe manually change the file extension to .disabled and see what happens.
  15. PhoReaper

    Failing to launch all the mods 3

    Which launcher?
  16. PhoReaper

    Failing to launch all the mods 3

    Try disabling Thaumic JEI, it looks like that helped me.
  17. PhoReaper


    I'm sure your laptop can still run Survival :) I hear vax has a base worth checking out.
  18. PhoReaper

    Exoria Dimension Resets

    We don't set up automatic dim resets on a server until we've been running the pack long enough to know any dimension-related issues to be aware of (including progression and any server-side issues). EDIT: Memes were better back in my day :mad:
  19. PhoReaper

    Random Build

    Whose world did you build it in?
  20. PhoReaper

    Revelation 2.0

    You can see how many people voted for Revelation here: