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    Horse Racing Event

    How exciting is this.... The race of thorough-bred champions brought to you by xPiggy_NZx on her very first event with the help from our brilliant UA's. Join Speedy, Zippy, Dash, Zoom and Jonathon on a trek through the amazing course made by xPiggy_NZx, Steelwool199, Cherry2003, xXTommy_GunzXx...
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    Double Lolcoin Weekend + Holiday Event.

    Double Lolcoin Weekend Capture the Flag.... An age old battle between two teams to test your team work ability and your stealth. One of our own has custom designed a map to test just this of you and your friends. Join us for this epic battle Friday the 15th of April at 7pm NZDT. But whats...
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    Hey everyone. Just an quick post to introduce myself. I've been playing on lolnet for the last 4-5 months and enjoy playing modded minecraft. If you ever see me online, make sure you say g'day cause I'm always up for a chat.