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    Random Build

    dam i should finish this build....
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    War World Revival

    Bit late to this, but heyaaaa its ziggy_ miss you guys, thanks for the great memories hope everyone is doing well <3
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    Random Build

    Thanks LX :)
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    Random Build

    it was in my world
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    Random Build

    Uh idk but if you /warp yeezus there should be some signs
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    Random Build

    Anyway i could get a copy of this world to finish it off? :)
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    Resetting The End on Survival [Friday, January 13, 2017]

    Can there be 2 ends? one for resetting and one for building in? or is that too difficult?
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    Random Build

    9 months in the making......
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    Have you tried turning it off and on?
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    Starting together in Survival9?

    I'll be happy to join. also is survival9 1.9?
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    Staff Promotions

    Congrats guys :)
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    Newby without a clue ... for-free-/ Here you go bud