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    Important Community Announcement

    Oh my god its finally happening NOOOOOO. This server was literally my life from 2012-2016. The first MC server I ever played on and the longest I stuck around with, climbed from user to moderator and 'retired' in 2014. I have so much I want to say about the server, -reminisce and stuff, but I...
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    War World Revival

    I'll throw in my two cents, on the downfall of War World. But damn Vox. Seeing the usernames you've listed there; can't help but feel a little nostalgic. The death of WarWorld is a murky case in my opinion. I wasn't really there to see it truly die, but rather heard about it through a couple of...
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    WarWorld ideas

    Its actually against WarWorld rules to build a claim or base outside the spawn so.. (If you go to the WarWorld spawn you'll see the signs) And I think the WarZone is already the right size :P Last WarWorld it was so huge (Probably seemed huge cos the world was small xD) My suggestion for...
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    Minecraft Skins Hope you like it, didn't design it but I added the shades! :D :P
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    More LoLnet Wallpaper

    Yay nice! good job bro dei and Rage!
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    Voting issue

    Same for me too, tho I am not sure if its because I'm a cracked user or there's something wrong with it.
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    Random Tp Requests

    As James said above ^ if a player does tpa spam you modreq it, A staff member can deal with the player whom is bothering the other player and if a Staff member ain't online you can ask a online User Assistant to resolve the problem as nnewman said they have the ability to /kick (Although I am...
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    I won't be present until July 14 or when ever I can get on :( but till then Ill be on the forums.(And to all EvolutionX be good :P )
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    Defacto Ban of the Beacon (for good reason)

    I did it in James137137's server and I defeated it (Along with TheChosenOne although could've done it mah self :P but it was fun to fight along side him! :D ) And after it was defeated, went onto :P and james137137 gave me the Nether Star to craft the Beacon as it was my prize, Now...
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    At long last Minecraft has updated! To 1.6! Where now Horses,Donkeys,Mules,Carpets,Harden Clay and much more has been added! :D :D :D :D :D :D Once Lolnet updates I bet a whole lot of people would be riding round with Horses :D This update will be great for Lolnet as where in Pluto exploring...
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    Ultimate PVP set

    Yeah.. I was meaning the hacking part izaak mentioned.
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    Defacto Ban of the Beacon (for good reason)

    Re: BAN ON BEACONS The last Christmas give-away i got the chance to fight the Wither (And killed it like a BOSS) thats why i have a beacon outside my house :P but yeah atm the only way to fight the wither is win a chance at the Christmas give-away.
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    Do you want your house Pimped!?

    Nah he finished it already :P the last house he pimped are Pebbles house in Pluto and Deidaralol's house in Maincity.