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    Another Very Important Announcement

    Looking foward to see how this server and community progress. Thank you to Dez and Cptwin for starting it. Who knew how amazing it would become.
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    Wish to get my stuff back, willing to donate $

    We don't replace lost items. The dimensions are set to reset automatically, it is your task to make sure that you move your stuff before that happens. Time to start mining and crafting those items again mate. Good luck.
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    SkyFactory 4 Released!

    It's on the "to-do" list, so shouldn't be too long. Maybe in the next few days. But obviously when the admins get time to do it.
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    Lolshop Item: portable analyzer

    You could test stack sizes in single player.
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    Or, you could do yourself a favour and not get muted. Simple fix.
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    Kinetic Generator

    Standard way of getting any item back is to re-craft it.
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    Throw-back Server!

    Some more suggestions are: Blast Off Refuge Project Ozone 2: Kappa mode
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    Ban Appeal

    Please make sure you don't bypass the rules again, as you might not get unbanned the next time. The afk timer is in place for a reason. Appeal accepted and unbanned in-game.
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    [DW20] Server Offline a lot recently

    There is a known problem being sorted out in the back-end. This should be fixed pretty quick. In the meantime, ask a moderator to restart the server if they're online, or contact one of us by using discord.
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    Yeah, I really need to look into getting a new pc this year. Obviously the one I'm using isn't going to cut it for the new packs unless they're small one's.
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    [Denied] Punishment Appeal - TheWolfNationYT

    Re: Punishment Appeal - TheWolfNationYT The mute was only applied for 10 mins which has ended.
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    Hunger Drive - Community Thanks

    Woohoo! I'm no longer "The Forgotten Mod" :lol:
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    Horse Racing Event

    How exciting is this.... The race of thorough-bred champions brought to you by xPiggy_NZx on her very first event with the help from our brilliant UA's. Join Speedy, Zippy, Dash, Zoom and Jonathon on a trek through the amazing course made by xPiggy_NZx, Steelwool199, Cherry2003, xXTommy_GunzXx...
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    Double Lolcoin Weekend + Holiday Event.

    Double Lolcoin Weekend Capture the Flag.... An age old battle between two teams to test your team work ability and your stealth. One of our own has custom designed a map to test just this of you and your friends. Join us for this epic battle Friday the 15th of April at 7pm NZDT. But whats...
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    Big problem on infitech2

    The world borders bugged out and went down sometime ago. If you ask either FaMatrix or Krimzin if you can bypass the border to get to your base, you will be able to get to it. You will need to move your base within the border when you can though.