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    Important Community Announcement

    I'm devastated. Magic Farm 2 was my first experience of playing modded minecraft letalone multiplayer. I still have such fond memories of running a small village of random noobs who I'd recruit to get more chunks of grief protection, trying to wrangle kids together and putting out fires. This...
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    Server Removal - Stoneblock 1

    rip in peace sweet server <3
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    Stone block 2

    THAUMCRAFT?! Oh lord. I'm gonna play it. Is it relatively stable? / full release?
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    Stepping down and working in background. -FaMatrix

    Aww good on you mate. Yeah I'm still around I don't have as much time as I used to but I've got a long term plan to get wealthy so I can retire as early as possible and play minecraft every day all day lmao. Yeah we had some good times bro, I often miss those days. Glad to read you've been...
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    Sky lands pack concept

    Would love to try embers, that mod looks so beautiful.
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    I Want You! - Ideas for what you want

    I'd like offline chunkloaders. Perhaps ones that I have to manually turn on for like 20 hours by logging in and pressing a button? So that way inactive users don't use too much space up? I'll add more as I think of it.
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    Is ender dragon disabled for woot factories in stoneblock?

    Ah ok thanks. I'll try something else then.
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    Is ender dragon disabled for woot factories in stoneblock?

    Can't seem to get the woot ender shard to configure to ender dragons.
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    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    Thanks Igneel!
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    Is Stoneblock donator only?

    And if so how much would someone have to donate to get access? Asking for a friend.
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    Connection timed out, no further info

    Thanks LX and Pho. o7
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    Connection timed out, no further info

    Ah cheers Dez. Last night like 7pm I was traveling sevtech overworld when I got kicked and told 'server still restarting' whenever I tried to get back in. This struck me as odd because there was no countdown warnings. A couple hours later I still couldn't get in so I made a modreq assuming I've...
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    Connection timed out, no further info

    Hi, I can't hop in to the lobby or direct connect to Sevtech right now. I get this error;$annotatedconnectexception: Connection timed out: no further information: What does it mean? Is there anything I can do from my side? I'm just gonna relaunch and probs if I...
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    NotTheBees 2.0 Update - PLEASE READ IF YOU HAVE PLAYED

    Haven't even played NTB. Keen as a bean for NTB2.0!
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    New modpack suggestion: "Not The Bees"

    I actually played it a few months ago, I suggested it here a long time ago and when I got my laptop recently working I thought I'd give it a try. I found it really fun and satisfying aside from the fact that it was single player so missed that community feel that I've come to love through...