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    A proposal concerning Lolnet's future

    As I'm sure you all know by now, the Minecraft server "Lolnet" is closing down at the end of this month. Many of us are devastated at the apparent loss of such an amazing community, myself included - many of us have made amazing friendships that we wouldn't have been able to had Lolnet not...
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    Important Community Announcement

    Wow, this... took me completely by a blindside, I'm still in a state of shock. Gonna need a bit of time to process this completely. I know I've certainly come to blows with several of the staff on here for various reasons, but in all seriousness I consider each and every one of the staff on...
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    Lolshop Item: Constelation P

    I can support this. #AevitasMasterRace
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    Error on start up

    Make sure you have 64 bit Java installed and up to date. 32 bit Java can only support up to 4 GB of RAM if I recall correctly.
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    SevTech and Version 3.1.1

    Would this also mean that quests and progression would be reset?
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    New modpack: 'Roguelike adventures and dungeons'

    That was pretty much the point I was trying to make, I apologise if that didn't come through in my post. I'd certainly give it a go if it ever came to Lolnet, but for now I'm happy on the packs I'm currently playing through.
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    New Kitchen Sink pack - Firmum Libra

    No bees? Seriously though, looks pretty good, I can't think of anything off-hand that I would want to see added.
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    New modpack: 'Roguelike adventures and dungeons'

    I'm gonna have to disagree on the whole "more fleshed out" comment. Aside from ExU2, the pack you suggested contains literally no tech mods, it doesn't contain a lot of the popular magic mods that people prefer to use (Blood Magic, Botania, Thaumcraft, Astral Sorcery, Psi, etc) and it's actually...
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    Lolshop Item: Quori Fragment

    Thanks for the support bahramu =) My justification for the price actually comes from a similar suggestion I made for the /shop some time ago, under very similar circumstances to this funnily enough (see the 64k storage part) - while I could easily afford the 20k price I originally proposed...
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    Lolshop Item: Quori Fragment

    Item: Quori Fragment Item ID: voidcraft:quorifragment (#10569) Cost: 20000 Stack Size: 1 Reasoning: Quori fragments are required on Project Ozone 3 in order to make the chaos planks required for the creative chest. However, there are several issues that currently make it impossible to get one...
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    (PSA) Project Ozone 3 - Gem armour fusion crafting

    On Project Ozone 3, the Gem armour set has a custom DE fusion crafting recipe. However, it can't be fusion crafted under normal circumstances. This is a known issue by the modpack dev, and fortunately he has provided a workaround for the time being. To be able to fusion craft the Gem armour...
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    Help- I died while going into the beneath dimension

    I remember when I blew up my entire base thanks to a DE reactor nope-ing out after a server restart on Infinity. Good times, good times.
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    NotTheBees server removal

    Lol In all seriousness though, I agree with Dr_Teath - without some of the supporting mods that other modpacks have, it just got too tedious to make any real headway - having to spend ages playing with RNG to breed bees for basic materials such as Iron and Redstone was just a big turn-off for...
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    violets are blue roses are red translated that means "you are already dead"

    violets are blue roses are red translated that means "you are already dead"
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    roses are red violets are blue omae wa mou shindeiru

    roses are red violets are blue omae wa mou shindeiru